Rose > 'Tour de chance avec les mots' for Michel Gibbs
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'Tour de chance avec les mots' is inspired by Michael Gibbs performance Short Story and the video Deuxième poème symbolique. The serene and unwinding spheer in the video and the constant writing and erasing in 'Short Story' form the departure for a work that dialogues with Gibbs world.  In my live work, movement and the creation and erasing of image and text, using different materials, play an important role together with representations of time and space. I perceive Gibbs works as an invitation to enter the thought and the mind as a space where the presence of artist is still felt.

This works is part of the retrospective of Michael Gibbs works 'Let's keep secrets', Amsterdam 6 October to 18 of December 2016, a project by Soledad Senlle Foundation, Stedelijk Museum, De Appel, WG Gallery.