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JiHyun Youn - Geometry of lamentation

Alma Quintana (dance)
Ayara Hernandez Holz (dance)
Yeonwoo Na (dance)
Anne Wellmer (music)
Yukiko Nezu (image)

How can we convey a specific emotion into geometry?

My research is about the relation between movement and a specific emotion; the lamentation. I found the starting point of this work from the choreographic method of ancient Korean and Japanese court dances. I am fascinated by the particular ‘abstractness’ of these ancient court dances. In spite of their rich original tale, the movement itself along their history has become abstract.

My attempt in this work is to isolate the movement as a single event without meaning or reference, therefore it can be revealed itself strongly in the present.



About JiHyun Youn
Born and grown up in South Korea and lives in Amsterdam. Since young age she trained classic ballet and Korean traditional dance techniques. In 1999, she came to the Netherlands to study new dance techniques and choreography at EDDC (European dance development center) in Arnhem and after the graduate she continued her study at DasArts (Master in Theater) in Amsterdam. Now she works as a freelance artist and creates projects in collaboration with Theater Adhoc, Lupitapulpo, composer & trombonist Hilary Jeffery, Organist HyoBi Park, film maker Jeanette Groenendaal, visual artist EunYoung Lee, Dirk Jan Jager, performing artist Alma Quintana and many other artists in Europe, Mexico and Brazil. She presents her artwork in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil in theaters and festivals… she invited to several artist residency around Europe and create workshops.