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FLAM at Verbo 2015
Participating artist: Rose Akras.

Efêmero, constante, início, fim

by Rose Akras

Photos by Edouard Fraipont

Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil

My performances in galleries began from the desire to distill movement to its essence, departing from my experience as a dancer. Questions related to presence, duration, materialization of the space and movement and the unfolding of the moment between movement are always present in my work. The use of text, either in the title or in the actions function as a guide for the reflection of certain abstractions.  Text is used to signify states of the body in relation to spatial, temporal respresentation and body functions. All the elements, such as materials, objects, the space, words, are activated forming a movable composition. A visual and sensorial reflective choreography.

The action / installation  ' Efêmero, constante, início, fim'  or ' Ephemeral, constant, begin, end' is created from the question: what makes the body an entity? In Portuguese the term 'funeral mass'  means a ritual in intent to a death person, which is subjectvely present in a body that no longer breathes or acts. In Portuguese the term 'funeral mass' is descriptive of the action" missa de corpo presente' that if translated literally would be : mass of a present body. The body is certainly
In the Bible the terms  "breath of God" or 'breath of life'  appear to de signify that the physical and material body of man would be dust and inanimate, was not this material entered by God's breath, his "life" and "spirit." The first breath of the newborn, the time when the air enters the lungs, is what marks the birth, and the last breath or the air leaving the body, what marks the death. Between these two moments, something ephemeral like air, is what animates the matter of the body, constantly.