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FLAM 2016

FLAM VI | Forum for Live Art Amsterdam

22 till 26 March 2016, Amsterdam

In the past five years FLAM became a cult underground festival of performance art created by artists of different disciplines.  Artistic directors Akras Rose and Dirk-Jan Jager worked hard in these five years to bring a contemporary and exciting programming, offering a platform for local talent and international artists. Their mission is to give performance art it's own festival and present it to a broad public.
Between 22 and March 26, 2016 FLAM presents its new edition. Based at the exhibition spaces of Art et Amicitiae in Amsterdam Center FLAM VI makes a link  to a second location: Dansmakers Amsterdam, in the former Stork site in Amsterdam North.

The opening lecture will be given by Annemarie Kok, PhD researcher in Participatory  Art at Groningen University  and  performances will happen happen in surprising locations, such as a boat that will take the public from Amsterdam Center to Amsterdam North.

Although performance art has become mainstream in the last two decades, it keeps reformulating and  questioning its own medium. Theorists Richard Schechner and Peggy Phelan formulated performance as an transcending genre, not tied to a discipline but to an expression that explicitly involves the exchange between artist-performer and the audience.

Performance Art moves between all the established disciplines resulting  mostly in trans-disciplinary works. FLAM would therefore like to present the diversity of live art: from physical extrem to conceptual works,  from politically charged to still and subtle, from works  that happen in a flash moment to long durational works.

FLAM VI artists come from visual arts, dance, theater, literature and music. They research, interpret an present their perception and experience of the world, aiming direct or indirectely to bring new insights in how we relate to the world.

The choice of the programming is of artists and makers that question their own medium and explore the boundaries of their disciplines  in relation to the public. Examples are artists  Mariana Lanari and the MOHA group, initiated by Olivia Reschofsky and Alice Pons.



FLAM present many young but also more experienced artists. FLAM present many young but also more experienced artists. Mariana Lanari, created between October 2015 and March 2016 her Moving Thinking project for the library of the Stedelijk Museum, will show her new work based on Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. Lanari will also draw and display the Astrological map of the year 2016 at the opening evening of FLAM VI,  in her work  Solar Revolution 2016. Young duo MOHA, formed by Olivia Reschofsky and Alice Pons, organizes in 2016 four thematic city walks through Amsterdam. In the four corners of the city, they organize walks with local residents around the themes Carnaval, Protest, Mars and Burial. The Protest walk is part of FLAM and takes place within Amsterdam Noord. Further participating artists include Goeun Bae, participant of the Prospects& Concepts, an exhibition of young talents organized by the Mondriaan Foundation at the Rotterdam Art fair; Jija Sohn (Moving Forward Dansmakers traject); Lia Chaia ( artist of Galeria Vermelho, Brazil) and Buren , a colletive from Belgium. FLAM artists Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek will  this year present the work JUNGLE, a reality performance online program, together with artists from Switzerland.

Performance Matters
FLAM is aware of the risk in programming a week long performance art. Performance art remains at the borders of other disciplines as it has has no conventions of fixed duration, space or skills. Yet performance is today more and more part of the art world. What are then the qualities that underlies live art works? With this question in mind  FLAM organizes in addition to the performance program also two reflection moments: a lecture at the opening by Annemarie Kok, Phd researcher Participatory Art at the Groningen University and a round table discussion, open to the public with artists and teachers BBB Johannes Deimling (Associated Professor of Performance Art in NTA Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfald University College, Norway) and Marco Paulo Rolla (founder of the  Performance Art-year course at the Fine Arts program at the Escola Guignard - UEMG - Universidade Estadual de Minas Gerais, Brazil).

22/03, 19 h, Arti et Amicitiae

24/03, 17-19 h, Arti et Amicitiae


'Magic Mirror. The Interplay of Freedom in the Participatory Work of Telewissen '
by Annemarie Kok

Annemarie Kok is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, with a research focus on the dynamics of freedom and control in European participatory art in the 1960s. In addition to her PhD research, she is currently writing a book on Dutch art criticism between 1989 and 2014. Previously, she has lectured at Utrecht University, the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and the University of Groningen on modern and postmodern art, media art, methods and theories of art history, photography and themes in contemporary art. She studied art history at Utrecht University (with a minor in museum studies at the University of Amsterdam and a study programme at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) and completed her research masters in art history in 2009. Her master thesis focused on performance art in the Netherlands in the 1970s.



FLAM VI offers this year also two workshops: one with the experienced teacher John Deimiling from PAS, Performance Art Studies and one with young artist and choreographer Clara Saito. Both workshops will end with a performance seen during FLAM VI. Workshops are open for art students of all disciplines and to  everybody interested in experiencing the making of performance art.


FLAM has developed a special realationship with VERBO, the International Performance Platform of Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo, known as a space for bold and provocative art. Marcos Gallon, curator if the performance program of Galeria Vermelho will be present, as well as Marco Paulo Rolla, curator of MIP Manifestação Internacional de Performance of Belo Horizonte as a guest curators to work to scout performance for their platforms in Brazil. Marco Paulo Rolla was resident artist at the Rijksacademie and will be also taking part at the Sonsbeek Art in Arnhem in June.


FLAM VI start at its base, the exhibition spaces of Arti et Amicitiae at Rokin 112,  22-25 March,  then travels through the water to Amsterdam Noord, where we are guests of Dansmakers Amsterdam at the former Stork grounds on 25th and 26th of March,

Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112, Amsterdam

Dans Makers Amsterdam
Gedempt, Hamerkanaal 203, Amsterdam, (pont IJplein)

FLAM VI Programme

Full price Passpartout 32,50 euro
Student Passpartout  22,50 euro

22, 23, 24 March Arti et Amicitiae

Full price  15 euro
Students  8,50 euro

25 March Arti et Amicitiae and Dansmakers
One price only 7,50 euro

26 March Dansmakers
Full price  15 euro
Students  9 euro

More information:

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Laboratory + performance

'The title is a lucid dream', a research performance by Clara Saito

In this 3 day laboratory we will research physically with the emotion of anger. The proposition is to develop a semi-ritualistic movement practice as a way to transform what we consider often as a negative energy into a tool for creating changes through playful and embodied strategies.

The workshop will results in the live work 'The title is a lucid dream' referring to Saito's previous work 'The title is a drawing'.  In this work Saito impersonates a hero, Spider Man, that wanders in galleries and public space researching the possibility of live and practice anarchism in the actual society system.

Clara Saito works with different medias such as drawing, painting, installations and movement.

Participants of the process ' This is a lucid dream' will perform during the displacement of artists and public between the two spaces of the festival, from Arti to Dansmakers on the evening of 25 of March.


WORKSHOP+ performance

Johannes Deimling PAS | INPUT studies

PAS │ Performance Art Studies is an independent educational program offering intensive studies to young artists, art students and others interested in performance art, since 2008. The aim of these studies is to provide a comprehensive form of practicing on performance art in cooperation with performance art festivals, art academies, museums and galleries.

Since 2013 PAS is offering besides the longer PAS studies also condensed version: INPUT.

Designed to deepen already made performative experiences or make a first contact with this art form, this short studies are focused in activate and enhance artistic practice and theory.

Researching the dialogue between body, space and time in connection with image, form and materials will generate an open field where we can access and sharpen the perception and concepts around this art form. We will draw information from other art forms like painting, video sculpture, photography, poetry, dance, etc to explore the various intersections in which performance art is active. The aim of INPUT is to inquire the performance practice through experimental settings that will hopefully resonate after the studies in the further individual researches. At the end we will present the results at the FLAM VI. Visit site


More information and application for workshop and laboratory :

FLAM VI is made possible with support from  Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Mondriaan Fonds.