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FLAM at Art Rotterdam 2017

Also participating in Art Rotterdam:  Cathrine Andresen, Clara Saito, Fernando Belfiore, Peter Baren, Samira Elagoz,  MOHA, Josefin Arnell & Max Goran - Hellfun, Dina from Egypt, Vincent Riebeek and the Young Boy Dancing Group, Maciej Sado and Simon Asencio.

Art Rotterdam 8 to 12 February 2017

For Art Rotterdam FLAM will generate performative spaces within the environment of the art fair that both integrate with and interrogate this environment, through a spectrum of live works ranging from the visibly performative to subtle infiltrations into the fair space.
Parallel to their dialogue with the fair, chosen artists will explore different layers of the performative self—asking whether the performative state is one of delusion or an exercise on the multiplicity of the self.

Some of the artists at the Art Rotterdam program

The Brazilian performance artist, Fernando Belfiore, will present an excerpt of one of his solos, exploring the politics of the contemporary body and questioning our social relations.
All his works present a body that is primitive and vulnerable, which is contrasted with a mix of pop and mass culture elements.

The Polish artist Alicja Nowicz, alias Beati, disrupts pre-conceived ideas of the 'good artist' and the ‘eastern-European’ by oscillating between a multiplicity of identities such as a toilet lady, a cleaner, and a hair dresser.

Samira Elagoz will present a serie of videos of her intimate encounters with strangers, transforming for each encounter into a new persona and questioning the gendered dichotomy of performative sexuality.

Cathrine Andresen, with her Enquiry Office, will infiltrate into the very fabric of the fair—making a fictive survey with the public and creating a graphic map as result—establishing a subtle yet direct connection with the public and the other spaces at Art Rotterdam.


FLAM 2017 team is formed by Rose Akras (director) and Alice Pons, Olivia Reschofsky and Titus Nouwens (curatorial team)