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FLAM 2017

Forum of Live Art Amsterdam
A week of Performance Art

May 30 2017 – June 3, 2017
Arti et Amicitiae and Frascati Theater

FLAM 2017 is curated and organized by Rose Akras in collaboration with Titus Nouwens, Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky

From May 30 to June 3, 2017 FLAM (Forum of Live Art Amsterdam) presents a week of ongoing experimental performance and Live Art presentations at Arti et Amicitiae and Frascati Theater, featuring a program of cross-disciplinary and radically experimental work by more than twenty local and international artists.

For its seventh iteration, FLAM explores questions around self-presentation, self-transformation and a heightened state of alterity (otherness) in the digital age.

With a particular focus on the performativity of ‘the self’, the artists respond to different states of alterity, for example by subverting the specific roles and social codes of today’s social media platforms.

The possibilities to create, manipulate and perform different selves through selfies and constant status updates, have given rise to a variety of questions about performance and performativity. FLAM 2017 aims to provoke reflection and debate about the ways in which states of alterity, performativity and otherness are embodied and manifested in the daily presentations of the self. Next to Live Art presentations, this year’s program includes a residency, workshops and a panel discussion about alterity.

Over the course of six years, FLAM has been supportive of and key to the development of young artists whose works transgress the boundaries between the ‘black box’ and the ‘white cube’. Through presenting Live Art works by young and established visual artists and performance artists within the gallery space and the theatre, FLAM seeks to challenge the conventions of these spaces.

FLAM was initiated by Rose Akras and Dirk Jan Jager at Arti et Amicitiae. From its beginnings, FLAM has aimed to be an agency for live art, representing artists that explore and research performativity through various approaches.

The focus is on artists whose works transgress their disciplinary backgrounds—highlighting the pollination and polymorphic features of performance art. FLAM contributes to the dissemination of performance art among a broad audience and fosters a critical reflection on this art form through a program of lectures and panel discussions with divergent speakers.

FLAM moreover stimulates dialogue between the Dutch and international performance scene, including an ongoing collaboration with VERBO, the performance platform of Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo, Brazil.

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FLAM 2017 is generously supported by AFK, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stadsdeel Centrum Amsterdam, Stichting Outline, basis for Live Art, Arti et Amicitiae and Frascati Theater