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Manila 40
25/03, 22:30 h, Dansmakers

Manila 40 is materialized between bodies, objects, text and soundscape. Taking multiple reflections as an operational principle and ambiguity as a means to synthesis, the piece explores ways of proposing perspective, scale and prediction. The body is placed onto enigmatic struggle, seeking grounding through a gravitational language. While exploring certain contradiction between atmosphere and facticity, the piece is an invitation towards questioning the role of all elements by embracing dialogue.

Concept & Performance Astarti Athanasiadou & Yurie Umamoto
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos
Sound Stefano Sgarbi



Astarti Athanasiadou (Greece) is an interdisciplinary performance maker and teacher,  currently attending the masters of Fine Arts at DAI, Dutch Art Institute. Originally educated in dance and choreography, her performances grew into a mix of installations, text and conceptual works. She is co-founder of the performance company Achaperformance and has worked with La Troupe de l’Avant-Scene, Achilleas Chariskos, Zakia El Abodi, Emilie Gallier, Goeun Bae and Pavlos Kountouriotis. Her work focuses on the transformation of words, images and objects into functional performative constructions that deal with the notion of change in social, cultural and political level.  Simple mechanisms, such as installations, language and corporeality, allowing human and/or material behaviors to be emerged and interact through the lens of created realism.


Yurie Umamoto (Japan) was trained in Ballet in Tokyo and graduated from SNDO, School for New Dance Development, 2010, Amsterdam. She has been performing with artists of various disciplines such as Lea Martini, Theo Cowley, Caroline D'Haese & Leena Keizer, Simon Tanguy and Ruta Butkute; in addition to her ongoing collaboration Feather Leather with  Catalan choreographer Clara Tena. In 2013 she presented Rain or Shine - with American performance artist Alison Crocetta at AGORA (Berlin) at the MPA- B/Month of Performance Art-Berlin. In 2014 she collaborated with the project CEEPORT, with Pablo Fontdevila, Douwe Smit, Kumi Umamoto and Igor Dobričić, presented at Working Title Platform #8, Brussels.