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TAMAGO (tamago: egg)
Tuesday 22 March / 22:00 h/Arti et Amicitatie

A woman in her 30’s. She stands in the void, calling for, yearning for, looking for.

She digs deep inside herself, she wants to come out.

The baby wants to come out.

Madness is in the house.

Stillness and loudness are needed to untangle the impossible.

Home time has arrived but the roof is still missing.

I dive to believe. I am home.



Jija Sohn [1982 - Kyoto, Japan] is an Amsterdam based artist working in performance and choreography. She graduated her Bachelor's at SNDO in Amsterdam, 2015.

In 2013, her duet piece with Lester Arias, WE is YOU., was presented in IT’s festival in Frascati theatre. In 2015, her first graduation solo piece, TAMAGO, premiered at the Het Veem theatre within the SNDO graduation festival. The graduation festival also travelled to Uferstudios Berlin. Her second graduation duet piece with her artistic collaborator, Andrea Zavala Folache, LINKING. was recently premiered at Frascati 4 within the SNDO graduation festival.

Since 2013, she has worked as a performer in Ivo Dimchev’s X-on, matanicola’s bodySLANGuage and Fernando Belfiore’s DEU$/exM4CHIN. She has performed in several venues and festivals, such as ImPulsTanz Vienna, Black Box Theatre Oslo, Theatre Freiburg, Stadsschouwburg Brugge and Work Space Brussels.