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26 March / 19:30 h/Dansmakers

Kalunga. the water archive. the earth archive. systems of communication. places of transition. states of becoming.

The performance Kalunga is inspired by the symbology of the word Kalunga, present in the Bakongo Cosmogram. Kalunga is a word from the Bantu languages (an ethno-linguistic group located mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) which means the sea, as well as the burial grounds. The Bakongo Cosmogram is a representation of a life path, between the human and spiritual worlds - like the cycle of the sun.

I work with the perspective of the body as a live archive, where I update body-memory, identity and cultural background. The work researches a dialogue between physicality, metaphors and symbols, where the body becomes a vehicle of communication - a place of events and images generated by the interaction between the performer and the viewer in real time.

In parallel, geometries and textures of sound venture to create spaces and moments for these encounters.



Luanda Carneiro Jacoel (Brazil) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She studied dance and performance at the PUC University of São Paulo and is a certified Somatic Movement Coach from Somatic Movement Institute – SMI (Netherlands). She is co-founder of the platform ACTS - laboratory for performance practices, fomenting development among transnational artists by organizing laboratories, open studio practices and work-in-progress presentations with discussion forums.
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Åsmund Kaupang (Norway) works with the integration of sound with movement and visual representations, through instant and site-specific composition. He works with dancers and performers using vocals and guitars, combined with effect pedals. He has been a resident musician with ACTS since 2011, participating in jams, workshops and performances. He currently plays with Sergi Saldaña Massó (guitars, vocals, effects) and Sergio Haisch (live graphics and projection) in the collaboration "el próximo paso". Visit Facebook page