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Bodiless Heads No.1 # Simulacrum
23/03, 20:30 h, Arti et Amicitiae

What are the habits that come from restrictions? Restrictions that come from social/cultural/physical/political and technological forces, that form our contemporary bodies.
Looking at Persian literary texts after Islam (651 AD), it seems as if the personages never have bodies. In the popular poems of Hafiz, Sa’di, and Ferdowsi (influential poets, even on the youth of today), the lover is described by the general attributes of their faces and manners; one can hardly find any description of the body. As if we are “heads full of spirituality who are against our own flesh".

This edition is a collaboration between Setareh Fatehi(Choreographer), Frederick Rodrigues (Multimedia artist) , Pouya Ehsaei( Sound artist) and Tara Fatehi Irani (Dramaturge).


Setareh Fatehi
Setareh Fatehi is an engineer and choreographer based between Tehran and Amsterdam. Graduated from SNDO she works as a freelance artist, teacher and performer. Her main interest is to work with body and movement as a tool for creating new thoughts and she spends her time redefining the meaning of body in relation to its techno-socio-political surrounding.

Frederick Rodrigues
Frederick Rodrigues is an artist and educator specialising in technology in cross practice collaboration. He has worked with a number of practitioners from all over the world in the realms of theatre, dance, installation and experimental music, as well as creating solo works and installations. As technology becomes part of our lives it also takes it’s place in our creative endeavours, Frederick uses the language of technology to bring stories to life.

Pouya Ehsaei
Pouya Ehsaei  is a musician, audio visual artist and performer currently residing in London, UK. Beside his solo projects, Pouya is involved in different collaborative projects and performances. He has a Phd in Music and an MA in Music Technology from the University of York. His debut album 'There', published by Entr’acte, is an experiment with traditional Iranian music excerpts to create lush soundscapes, harsh expressions and Iranian melodic noises. Pouya is half of the performance duo /gorizazmarkaz/.

Tara Fatehi
Tara Fatehi Irani is a London-based Iranian artist working across site-responsive and audio visual performance, theatre, visual arts, dance, music and writing. In her works she mixes family archives, fabricated histories, mistranslated memories and archives. She is the other half of the duo /gorizazmarkaz/.

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