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23/03, 21:30 h, Arti et Amicitiae

Strip-tease is a serie of short acts reflecting on the so called and known concept of giving a strip-tease. More than a simple performance it becomes an intimate moment shared with the audience, a social gathering, a strip-tease of the strip-tease. Through a number of different approaches it will strip and tease the performer but the audience as well, the body and its owner, exploring and questioning the border between performer/audience, intimacy/perfomativity, teasing the different representations of the seductive self.
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Alice Pons is a french performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2012 from SNDO (school for new dance development). She developed since then her own projects (The invisible dance and Strip tease) and started to work in collaboration with Olivia Reschofsky as artistic director for Moha stichting with projects such as BlueGorilla, Move Dance Act, The Office of lost time or The Walks. She presents her work in Netherlands and internationally.