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The Walks - Protest
26/03, 14:00- 17:00, street and Dansmakers
check the route here

(Olivia Reschofsky & Alice Pons)

The Walks is a series of 4 public walks born from the collaboration of two groups, Theaterwerkplaats Nieuw Amstelrade and Move.Dance.Act.  Each of the walk represent a different symbol of gathering in society and happen in different neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. People, initiatives, and organisations in those neighbourhoods have been asked to "hijack" the path with their ideas, proposals and performances. All these collaborations therefore form the ground of this project.
The first one is a Carnival, where everything becomes possible, the rules belong to people, a time to dress up and become someone else. The second one is a Protest, to claim back the street, to shout ideas, to disagree, to be seen and heard. The third one is a Funeral, a ritual to mourn, to let go together, to allow the expression and representation of sadness in order to prepare for something new. The last one is the March, the closure, with a simple and yet powerful gesture of walking together as a group.
At the FLAM festival we will share with you the Protest. It will start from Ijplein at 13.30, will pass by Dansmaker at 14.00 and will arrive at Modestraat, Buikslotermeerplein 15, around 16.00. There will be series of events, small performances and surprises on the way where the public is invited to join. We will finish our walk around food, drinks and music in our last location.

Thanks to Nieuw Amstelrade and Modestraat.


We, Olivia Reschofsky (hu) and Alice Pons (fr) are two young artists, working in the field of performance, dance and choreography. In 2012 we joined each other in an artistic partnership, which in 2015 turned into an official association, called Moha. Moha is the Hungarian name for moss. It is a familiar living element that grows almost everywhere, on everything in any conditions even in the most unexpected places. We are specialized in developing artistic projects in which innovative forms of participation and cooperation go hand in hand with the artistic experiment. The context in which we are working, the city and it’s different social dynamics as well as the research on “locality”,on how people make and use their living environment, are the starting points for all our initiatives.