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by Joaquin Wall (Artist in Residence)

Joaquin Wall (Argentina) is FLAM’s artist in residence. His works draw heavily on bodily experience and memory, found and devalued objects, storytelling, cinematography and nomadism. At FLAM, Wall presents ALERTA MÁXIMA (High Alert). This ongoing work is a collaborative project through which Joaquin, together with a group of Argentine-Dutch colleagues, imagines how to empower their visions and ideas by appropriating royal imagery. During his residency at the FLAM festival, Joaquin will be hosting an open studio of his installation at Rokin 114 (access through the smoking room of the Arti Sociëteit). The artist will moreover embark on a journey grappling with the inextricably connected histories of colonization, immigration and extermination through different public interventions. Feel free to join and live out your new Máxima! #royalanarchism #alertamáxima

Performers and collaborators Titus Nouwens, Enzo Piantanida, Abel Kroon, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Chun-Han Chiang, Julia Sokolnicka, Sandra Gnjatovic, Hilke Walraven, Physical People, Gonzalo Giacchino, Luis Wall, Renata Daguerre, Estela Orbegozo, Luis Anibal Villegas Hernandez and more.
Made possible with support of NNart gallery.