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Dora Longo Bahia BR - petit a

This work was produced as part of, the Brazilian version of the project Destricted, conceived by English curator Neville Wakefield, in which artists were invited to create films that explore the line where art and pornography intersect. petit a is a collage of cinematic references in a story about the impossibility of achieving the object of desire. The title, a term coined by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, and the soundtrack, are common to both films. The rhythm of the music determines the events of the films while a female voice sings a translation into a language that does not exist of the poem “Une Charogne” by Charles Baudelaire.

Directed by: Dora Longo Bahia – Produced by: with the support of Vetor Zero / Lobo and D-Cine – Written by: Rose Sélamor – Cast: Camila Mota (elle), Mariano Mattos (lui), Chiara Banfi and Jan Fjeld (les objets du désir), Vladimir Safatle and Luisa Doria (le philosophe et l’étudiante), Rodolfo Ferrari (le batteur), Bruno Palazzo (le guitarist), and guests.